Sunday, 20 April 2014

Speakeasy Quest to San Francisco

I might have dislocated my kneecap last weekend at the LA Times Book Festival, but that wasn't about to stop me enjoying a trip to San Francisco.

Armed with a wheelchair and crutches we made the long drive from Long Beach to SF, arriving with moments to spare before midnight on Thursday, just managing a much needed beer before crashing out. 

Rolling down the hill to Fisherman's Wharf we enjoyed breakfast the next morning on Pier 39, soaking up the sights and sounds of SF, from old arcades, museums and of course Ghirardelli square.  

The inspiration for this trip was local Speakeasy brewery, with a tour and several hours spent in the Tap Room. We achieved our goal of trying everything, coming away with souvenirs and even the last crate of Scarlett red rye of the season. Really going to miss these beers back in England! 

Before heading home on Saturday I had a mission of tracking down everything English in San Francisco. From an amazing breakfast complete with real bacon and Heinz beans, a taste of shepherd's pie and traditional English style fish & chips. For anyone missing the home comforts while in California, I can highly recommend a trip to You Say Tomato, true kid in a candy store moment, coming away with biscuits, chocolate, Easter eggs and more :) 

A much needed break, this was just what I needed after a nasty injury and being stuck in bed for days.

Smiling non-stop and making great memories, I'll definitely be back! 

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