Tuesday, 17 December 2013

One Semester Down

My last post ended November with Thanksgiving in the dorms. In keeping with the theme of food, December kicked off with a home cooked roast dinner, introducing an American family to an English tradition which has been sorely missed. 

My English roast was followed by another incredible show at The Observatory, with The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside and Volumes. 

This month also opened the doors to another show with The Two Tone Boners, where I discovered a new favourite - Papafish. Never would have guessed my time in California would be spent between metal and ska shows! 

One of my musical highlights has to be a much anticipated trip to San Diego for Wrex the Halls, where I was lucky enough to spend the night watching Alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, Vampire Weekend and Queens of the Stone Age. One of my most impressive line-ups!

The Underground Music Society at CSULB also hosted our last acoustic show and end of semester show at The Nugget. I'm looking forward to seeing what more we can bring to campus in the Spring!

For CSULB December means Finals week, which for me fortunately only involved one final exam. I can't say I've been completely on-board with the American education system, but I've had some good writing opportunities and hopefully my Spring modules will open up an even better experience. 

For my final weekend before heading home I took to the beaches, visiting Newport and Huntingdon. 

I've met some incredible people from around the world this semester, and I'm sad to be seeing some of them leaving. We've all been a part of an incredible experience, and as much as I'm looking forward to visiting home, I'm even more glad to be returning to California in January.

Happy Holidays! 

Christmas Party in the Dorms
Christmas Party with the Internationals

Some of my favourite moments of the semester, from arriving in Long Beach, multiple trips to the beach, Universal Studios, San Francisco, Halloween, Las Vegas, San Diego and more! Thank you to everyone who has given me these unforgettable memories!