Sunday, 6 April 2014

Spring Break Stories

You've seen the movies, and you've heard the stories, and I couldn't wait for my first American Spring Break. With most people going home or taking trips away, I decided to leave my week to chance and plan each day as it came to see where I ended up. Really living the dream and enjoying each moment to the full!

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday (March 28) 
Spring Break started off collecting a friend from LAX after her gruelling long flight from Amsterdam, armed with a doughnut and a pineapple (don't ask!). Our surprise meal that night was even complete with an unexpected earthquake leaving Hoff's Hut shaking - California life! 

Saturday (March 29) 
Time for a night out with dinner at George's Greek Cafe and drinks on 2nd Street before heading our separate ways for the break. 

Sunday (March 30) 
A lunch date with the ladies reminding me how much I'll miss BJ's pizookies, and commemorating my time with a new helix piercing from New Flower Studio in Long Beach. I would highly recommend these guys - Professional yet friendly atmosphere, short walk from CSULB campus, and my piercing is healing nicely!

San Diego, Santa Monica & Venice 

Monday (March 31) 
A day of adventures, taking a road trip to San Diego with no plans in place. We started with breakfast in the Gaslamp Quarter, made our way to the bay to admire the boats and enjoyed some afternoon cocktails before moving on to Mt. Soledad and La Jolla to watch the sunset. This was my first time really seeing San Diego and it's a beautiful place that I would definitely like to visit again. 

Tuesday (April 1) 
Taking to the road again we headed up to Santa Monica pier for some sights and shopping, before moving on to Venice beach, a really interesting place filled with all kinds of people and entertainment. 

Wednesday (April 2) 
A boring entry: It was time to take a day off and catch up on some much needed sleep before heading out again!

Johnny's Saloon & Saturday in LB

Thursday (April 3) 
With a rare day off we headed to Huntingdon Beach and discovered a great little bar, Johnny's Saloon. I can highly recommend their sexy pretzels and great beer selection! Later that day with The Two Tone Boners playing in Long Beach it was time for the English Bonerette to make another appearance. It was great to see a much better turn out than their last Di Piazza's show and the sound quality was at a high. If it's possible, I have even more fun every time I'm with these guys!  

Friday (April 4) 
Another eclectic turn in my musical ventures is a recent find, shamrockabilly trio Craic Haus. Appearing at the Auld Dubliner in Downtown Long Beach, they're guaranteed to have the crowd drinking, dancing, and maybe even attempting an Irish jig. Lovely guys, they even dedicated a song to one of their youngest fans.

Saturday (April 5) 
An early start to head back to LAX on Sunday didn't stop us from getting in some farewell drinks at Panama Joe's. Our quiet evening turned into fishbowls, drinking games and non-stop laughter. Couldn't have asked for a better end to our Spring Break adventures! 

Sunday (April 6) 
6am start to say goodbye at the airport, an early breakfast (with some interesting choices!), followed by a relaxing morning in bed before getting ready for the rest of the Hillside A residents to return. Classes start again at 8am tomorrow - Wish me luck! 

Craic Haus - Mermaid (For Mia)

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