Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Days Out in Long Beach

In between classes and on those lovely long weekends we do our best to get out into the local area and make the most of our time in Long Beach, so I thought I would share a few pictures of my most recent excursions.

Belmont Shore Chocolate Festival 

Saturday 8th Feb saw the 10th Annual Chocolate Festival in Long Beach, which meant an outing with my lovely dorm friends. For the small price of $10 you received 12 tokens which could be exchanged for tasty treats from the various vendors partaking on 2nd Street. Frosted Cupcakes and Sweet Jill's Bakery are well worth another visit, and we even got a small taste of our favourite BJ's Pizookie!

Chocolate Fest with the best! 

Acoustic Show @ Royal Cup Café 

This day out was followed by another evening with the CSULB Underground Music Society, as we hosted our first off-campus Acoustic Show at the Royal Cup Ca. Showcasing sets of original and cover songs were local artists Justin Mitchell, Sasha Pyslarash, Jeffrey Allen, Mike Sanjuan, King Satan and Miguel Esquiviel. This event was a huge success for UMS and we hope to have many more like it in the future.

CSULB UMS @ Royal Cup Cafe

Wednesday Afternoon Adventures 

With a class finishing unexpectedly early +Emma Langschied and I decided not to waste the sunshine and to go out exploring. A quick Google for "Free stuff to do in Long Beach" resulted in this little find: The Skinniest House in America

Needless to say, in a moment of spontaneous randomness, we jumped straight on the bus and headed for the Skinny House. Finding ourselves near 4th Street we then took the short walk to Retro Row, stopping for pancakes in a quaint little Irish pub garden on the way. After browsing the vintage finds we had iced blended mochas in Portfolio, acclaimed as the best coffee house in Long Beach.

Beats being stuck in a stuffy classroom!

Afternoon Adventures

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